The Holiday Survival Guide

“Have you ever thought: “Tomorrow is Thanksgiving I guess my diet is going to have to wait until Monday.” My guess would be that this thought has all crossed our minds. We then get to Monday and think: “Christmas is coming soon I will just wait until after the New Year to get back to working out and eating healthy.” Sound familiar?

I thought that it might – because these are the thoughts that go through millions of Americans during the Holiday season. Instead of just enjoying some of our favorite treats on one or two days over the course of a month we simply say “Fork It!”.

That mindset is what leads the average American to gain somewhere between 7-10lbs over the course of a little over a month! So instead of having this mindset I am going to share with you a new mindset that you can use to conquer the Holiday season and go into the New Year feeling energized and ready to continue crushing your goals!”


Mike Stuart

1: Plan Ahead

This is important on many levels. The first step in preparing for the holidays is to look at your calendar and chose what commitments and parties you will attend. It’s key to choose what is important to you and to not feel like you have to go to every holiday party you get invited too.

Once you have chosen your dates reach out to the host to see if you can bring a few healthy options to eat that others can enjoy too!

Finally, once your event has arrived make sure you drink water ahead of time and eat a healthy meal to help prevent over indulging. The mindset of waiting to go to the party starving so you can eat everything insight is what we are trying to avoid.

2: Don't Postpone

As mentioned previously don’t postpone your health goals because of all the fun holiday treats. It’s ok to indulge and have a few meals that may not exactly be part of your meal plan.

So grab an accountability partner or two and make sure you stick to your goals. Continue to workout (even on a Holiday), eat healthy meals, and practice self care.

Even if your routine is thrown of course try to modify and workout from home or make the best choice you can even if it is not perfect. Instead of feeling defeated and give up altogether, roll with the punches.

3: Practice Forgiveness

So you accidentally slipped up and over indulged. It is ok – I swear I have been there too. Instead of beating yourself up for it, forgive yourself.

Move on from the mistake and make peace with your body. Don’t tell yourself you have to workout twice the amount just because you ate an extra cookie.

Tell yourself “I enjoyed the cookie and felt satisfied”. Now, I am going to make a healthy meal for my family and move on.


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