Your 2019 Fitness Resolution

Time and again many of us look to the New Year as the starting point to making a change in our lives for the better.  Some people decide that they want to travel more, get that promotion they’ve had their eyes on, learn an instrument, or the classic “I’m going to get in shape this year”.

Mike Stuart

1: Be S.M.A.R.T.

Setting goals is an important aspect to life, if we never had goals then we’d be going through day to day life without focus or motivation.  Having a goal is key to success but most people abandon their New Years goals within the first few months, especially if they’re fitness related.  My goal in this article is to give you some simple tools and tricks in order to help you keep your fitness goals alive throughout 2019 and actually achieve them.

The first step to achieve your fitness goals in 2019 is to be S.M.A.R.T.  What I mean by this is that you need to plan out your goals effectively by making them Specific, Measurable, Adjustable, Reasonable, and Timely.  

Being specific is important to narrow your focus on what you need to be doing with a goal. It’s much easier to make a game plan for losing body fat than it is to make a game plan for just “getting in shape”.  

To have a measurable goal you have to add some numbers to your goals in order to be able to track your progress towards each goal. An example of this would be to have a goal of losing 15% body fat, this goal can be specifically measured so that you know that you’ve achieved your goal and you can measure the progress towards your goal by retesting your body fat % every month or so.  

Adjustable goals are ones that you allow some flexibility with. If you set a goal of losing 15% body fat in 4 months then there’s nothing wrong to adjust it to 12% in 4 months if by month 3 you realize you won’t quite hit the full goal. You’ve still made great progress so there’s no reason to get too worked up about not exactly hitting your initial goal.

Reasonable means to be realistic with yourself and your goals.  Don’t expect to go from never touching a weight to looking like Arnold after just a few months.

Last is to be Timely, meaning you have a specific time frame in which you plan to achieve your goals. This adds more motivation to get you up and active because there’s no putting off the gym for tomorrow if you’re only giving yourself 3 months to gain 10 lbs of muscle.

All of these factors added into a goal creates a motivational mission with steps along the way so that you can see the route you need to take to achieve your overall fitness goal.

2: Be Consistent

The next simple step that I can provide to help you hit your goals for 2019 is to be consistent.  

If you’re not working towards your goals on a consistent basis then you will not achieve them nearly as fast, or at all. Research has shown that being active for even just 30 minutes a day is much more beneficial than spending 3 hours being active on just one day a week.  Being active for a little bit each day increases your total weekly calorie burn more than being active for just one day does. There is also a significant reduction in how much effort you can do in a singular long workout a week vs several short workouts and you’re significantly more likely to become injured from trying to train for that long in one time period.  Lastly it doesn’t matter how hard you work if you’re not consistent with your calorie intake. It is much easier to consume calories than it is to burn them so tracking your intake and expenditure on a regular basis allows you to adjust your diet appropriately for your goals.

3: Be Patient

The final tip that I can give and the one I find to be most important is to be patient.  It’s an unfortunate reality that we can’t simply go to the gym once and come out looking exactly how we’d like to.  There’s no secret plan or magic lifting technique that’s going to streamline the process for you. The key to success is to keep up with your program for several months and recognize the progress you make along the way.  Too many people get hyper-focused on the end goal that they ignore all of their achievements thus far. This leads to negative thinking which pushes you closer to giving up and losing all the progress you made so far. In today’s technological age it’s easy to just go online and see all of these fitness models that make it look so easy but it’s important to recognize that they didn’t get as far as they have in a short period of time.  Many of these before and after pictures you see are separated by years of vigorous effort and patience, so remember to cut yourself some slack and keep fighting for your goals.



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