3 Brutal Exercise Pairings

Today’s post is for the masochistic individual looking for a challenge in the gym. The following are 3 exercise pairings that, when done with intent and aggression, will result in a treacherous bout of heavy breathing.

By Kevin Guild

Superset #1

Kettlebell Swing

The up and down nature of this superset, along with the upper and lower body split will result in an elevated heart rate and a mixture of indigestion and regret. This has been a great finisher pairing for me when I’m avoiding cardio at all costs.

Push Up

Try doing a ladder progression. 1 rep of swings, 1 push up, 2 swings, 2 push ups. Try to get up to 5 repetitions each and back down again while timing yourself. Improve the time, don’t puke.

Superset #2

Step Up - Reverse Lunge

Doing a box step up to a reverse lunge is a brutal exercise in its own right. Be careful with the volume here. Alternating between the step up and medicine ball slam will elevate heart rate and challenge you to stay balanced and powerful while becoming fatigued.

Med Ball Slam

A good way to start with this is by doing some Tabata-style training. 20 seconds of step up, 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds of medicine ball slams, 10 seconds rest. Complete 4 minutes of this back and forth and see how you feel.

Superset #3

Trap Bar Deadlift

This is technically one exercise, but for the sake of difficulty it fits the profile. Load up a hexagonal bar with 60% of your 1RM. From there get yourself a strip of floor, about 20 yards.

Farmers Walk

Complete 4 deadlifts, walk 5 yards, 4 deadlifts, walk another 5 yards, 4 more deadlifts, walk 5 yards, 4 final deadlifts, walk the last 5 yards. Do not let go of the hex bar at any time.


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