3 Ways To Make Morning Workouts Enjoyable

Work schedules and school start times have done a great job in challenging people to make time for training. The frequent conclusion is to work out first thing in the morning. For the people who choose to rise and grind, this article is for you.

Mike Stuart

 1. Take a shower – There are a few reasons to take a shower before you workout. When we sleep, our spine is decompressed and collects water within the discs, increased tension and pressure in our spine. By taking a shower, we can allow time for our spines to dehydrate, reducing stiffness and making it safer for all the bending and snapping we’re about to do in the weight room (Legally Blonde reference). It also allows us time to collect our thoughts and increase our body
temperature prior to being thrown into social interaction.

2. Hold off on the coffee – When we first wake up and the sun begins to rise, our bodies release cortisol. This stimulating hormone wakes us up for the day. By drinking coffee first thing in the morning, we can blunt our natural cortisol response and increase our body’s tolerance to
caffeine. This is one reason why we tend to drink 2, 3 and 4 cups of coffee per day. Instead of drinking the Java first thing in the morning, at least wait until the sun rises and your body has begun to wake up naturally. It’ll help you feel more energy throughout the day.

3. Go to the gym – While at-home workouts are convenient, getting up and being socially engaged first thing in the morning can motivate us to become consistent along with bringing some
positive energy to use throughout the day. This also means that we need to choose a training partner, coach or gym wisely. Going to a gym that has negative people can throw off our whole day. Surround yourself with like-minded folks who want to figure out how to train in the morning and work on doing it together.

These are 3 ways to make that morning workout a little more consistent. Enjoy them and take control
of your routine!


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