How To Find The Best Personal Trainer For You

There is always a purpose for the exercise. Trust that process. 

-Sam Orfanidis

Mike Stuart

Taking A Look At Your Exercise Prescription

As clients, you work with a trainer because of…what? The accountability piece? Maybe it is because you need an external force motivating you to push forward and keep you moving. Your initial outreach to us is demonstrating that you are ready to change, and you want to improve. Whether you want to get bigger or smaller, faster or more agile, there will always be something that you want to improve.

The above stated title; an EXrx is exactly that, a prescription. As trainers, we are prescribing exercises for you to do in person or at home. Each exercise has a purpose and is only in your program, because that is the best choice for you on that day, for that week, for that month. Let us do a push up. Why? How about a crunch? Great! How about we strain our muscles in our neck more. My point is, we never program exercises because it is the easy thing to do, or because it is well known. Why do a push up or crunch just for the sake of movement?

Welcome to the mind of a trainer. An educated trainer. A personal trainer is a blanket term now. Anybody can call themselves a personal trainer. Why? Because you work out all the time and eat healthy. GOOD FOR YOU! So what do you think there Exrx is going to look like?

UHH…Lets do some bench press, shoulder presses, bicep curls, sissy squats, and sit ups. Now how many times? Let’s shoot for failure of each exercise?

How the hell is that a good idea? That program may work for the trainer, but it wont benefit the client what-so-ever. Every single person is different and needs to be trained differently. For every one muscle, there are hundreds of different exercises and variations to choose from. A real trainer will pick the best variations with the correct amount of reps and sets and will NEVER LOSE FOCUS ON FORM.

Progress is made when you are challenged properly and not stressed to the point of injury or complete exhaustion.  The idea is to adapt and progress on the fly, if you are showing progress or, in some cases, are taking a step backwards due to ridiculous work hours or outside injuries.

But what does an educated trainers program look like? Depending on the frequency and time, a session will include all major muscle groups and will assess different planes of motion. From these biomechanical movements, we can fill in exercises.

Every program needs balance. It needs coordinated efforts to ensure all body parts, motions, and concerns are being addressed. Are you brand new to exercise? How about you start with a Barbell Back Squat? Does that sound like a bad idea? You better have answered yes. Also, by now, are you asking yourself “Why is he jumping around so much?” Because training is all moving pieces combined into one effort each day. All pieces come together to make a comprehensive relationship between you, the client, and the trainer.

I wrote this article to express my admiration, yet frustration towards this industry. This industry is responsible for a very large percentage of health and wellness. We have failed as an industry due to obesity rates, injury rates, and the ever common “I worked with a trainer, and got hurt,” phrase. Maybe it’s because all they cared about was the money, DID NOT GO TO SCHOOL for exercise science, and have worked out one too many times on some pre-workout bull crap. Trust the trainer who explains everything and gives you the “Why.” Programming is a science and should be treated with the utmost care to ensure the best possible experience for you.


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