Chaos? What Is It and Can We Control It?

The word chaos can have many different meanings, and interpretations.  The likes of which can be determined by who is listening and interpreting.  For me, chaos means very small, subtle changes, that after a while, create a big difference.  

Obviously though, when you hear the word “chaos”, you think of catastrophic failure, turmoil, and sheer panic and destruction.  Well……what is fitness and improvements to fitness if not subtle changes, failure, and a little “destruction?”

The system (our body) seemingly should be in a state of chaos, right?  I mean, think about it. We exercise, and while we exercise, we destroy and break down tissue.  Much like the Dark Knight – Why do we fall? So we can pick ourselves back up. Well……why do we purposefully  destroy tissue? DING! WE GOT IT! So that tissue may grow back bigger, faster, and stronger. Our body (not mind) needs to be in a state of chaos and slight confusion.  To cause chaos is to be in control of it. Okay? So why the hell are we even talking about chaos?

Give your body time.  Chaos is subtle changes and variations all moving towards making a big difference.  What is that big difference? A healthier, happier you. To be the absolute corniest I have been so far, nothing worth having comes easy (or quick).  Let those words ring in your ears. If you want something bad enough, work for it. Control your own damn chaos and believe all your little steps that you are making will eventually get you to the top of your own mountain.  Controlled chaos. Who knew?!

Mike Stuart


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