Falling and Learning

“Why do we fall, Bruce? To pick ourselves back up.”

In life, we fall.  No, I don’t mean physically – although, sometimes maybe a little of that too.  I mean life. Today, yesterday, years ago, and years forward, we fall. Such is life.  Falling, or failing teaches us how to be better every day. We learn from our mistakes, or we should if we didn’t learn from the first mistake.  How you get back up after you fall is entirely up to you.

Keep moving.  Those are the best words I have for you.  If you fall, pick yourself up. Somehow, find a way to keep moving.  Eventually all that shit will get better. Those two words were something I desperately needed to hear a few years ago.  How about you? What has happened in the past that kept you knocked down? How did you get up?

Life should never stop because of someone else’s.  Life should never stop because of a layoff from work.  Someone cares about you. Is that someone the reason why you got up?  Falling is life’s way of testing us and seeing what we can handle. Well, you want to know something?  If you are anything like me, you can handle a whole hell of a lot. Just believe that the more you get up, and keep moving, the more chance you have to create the life that you dream of.

Do not let life keep you down.  You made choices to get where you are.  All you need to do is keep moving and act on your choices.  You want to be a CEO? Keep moving. You have to believe in something in order to achieve your success from the biggest bully of all.  Believe that all your falls and fails have created the best version of you. Bad choices, or good choices, you need to know that you are fighting for something.  Fight for success and fight for accomplishment. Going to bed with a feeling of accomplishment sure beats anything else.

Mike Stuart


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