Fight The War On Mediocrity

“How you do anything is how you do everything.”

A quote I once laughed at. “Dr. Sgherza, that makes no sense;” said the freshmen in the Exercise Science department at Lyndon State.  

“I want to see you work with passion.  Why would you ever half-ass anything?” Another quote I once rolled my eyes at and proclaimed “whatever!”, said the once freshmen in high school to a very unappreciated mom.  I have lived my life by these sentences. They are true, are they not? Seriously though, why would you ever half-ass anything? Sure, we can strive for good. We may be happy with good.  But why be good, when it can be great. Why be ordinary, when you can be extraordinary? Jim Valvano said “I am an ordinary guy, that wants to do extraordinary things?” So… extraordinary.

Have you heard of mediocrity?  When you want to remodel your house, do you search for mediocre reviews or 5 star ratings?  As humans, we want the best. Sometimes though, we can not afford the best, but we want THE BEST.  Try to be the best at what it is you do. Let passion enter your life and bring it out. People will take notice.  Mediocrity is NEVER a goal. Your goal should be to put your best efforts forward and NEVER go to sleep saying “what if I had just…”

Find the pride in what you do.  Even if it’s cleaning a fucking drinking glass, building something from ikea, or cleaning pizza trays at your family restaurant.  Do anything as if it means everything. What are you going to do today to be extraordinary?

Mike Stuart


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