Today’s post gives a few ideas pertaining to increasing our physical activity throughout the day. Many of us know the research. This is not an article that will display the dangers of sedentary behavior. This is an article that will hopefully inspire a few individual solutions. We tend to sit at the office for upwards of 8 hours a day, watch movies on Netflix in the evening and go to bed surfing on Instagram at night. Factor in 8 hours of sleep and we’re looking at 6 hours per day that we aren’t sitting on our hind ends. Within those six hours we need to drive to and from work, eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and go to the bathroom a few times. At first glance, this is a scary scenario. Look again and it scares us even worse. We KNOW this, but few are finding success in improving their daily activity. Clearly, there are someboundaries that get in the way. We’re not all idiots, we know what we need. Our lifestyle just doesn’t support it.

Below are 3 radical ideas to initiating movement in life.

Mike Stuart

1 – Have walking meetings

Many businesses are already implementing this one. If yours isn’t, be the change you wish to see in the world (Ghandi quote). Seriously, there’s no harm in asking someone to take a walk with you as opposed to sitting at the common table inside your hip and modern “coworking space” or “team tavern” or whatever your boss is calling it these days. Get outside and hash out your work ideas once or twice a day.

2 – Do a victory lap after job tasks

People don’t get enough positive reinforcement. As opposed to moving on to the next task, celebrate
the one that you just completed with a walk around the office. Say hi to a few coworkers, fill up your
water bottle, go to the bathroom even if you don’t have to. On top of physical activity, you can reset
mentally prior to taking on your next challenge. This may help you to carry a conversation after work
instead of being so mentally exhausted and confused that you just want to watch Netflix all night.

3 – Listen to podcasts or audiobooks instead of watching TV. 

Now that you’ve spent some time at work moving around, you may have a little more energy once you’re home. If you are feeling anti-social after a day full of walking meetings, how about taking a little personal time? Walking while listening to music or your favorite podcast can give a similar stimulation to watching a movie while also allowing us to continue moving into the evening. This way, you’ll still have something to talk about at your walking meeting tomorrow and may not be quite so out of breath in front of your boss. Perfect storm I know. We know that physical activity is important. Now is the time for action. These are three ideas that I hope you find stimulating. If not, I apologize for the 5 minutes of reading and invite you to stand up and go figure out your own way to move throughout the day. Good luck and happy moving!


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