Stop Putting The Cart Before The Horse

Today’s post is about the inverse prioritization that many of us take to a healthier life. It proposes a new order to creating a successful training program. Spoiler alert! The training program COMES LAST. Scroll to the bottom for the order of operations if you don’t have time to read.

According to a Gallup study, Americans sleep less than 7 hours per night with 40% of us getting less than 6 hours on a nightly basis. According to Bureau of Labor statistics, the average American works 44 hours per week. According to the American Pyschological Association, stress levels are on the rise. Put all this together and do we really want to ask more from our bodies with an exercise program? 


Adding a training regimen to daily life can be a tall order. Where do we fit it in? Generally, we’ll sleep a little less and get up early, or maybe train during time that we could be spending with our family such as dinner time or weekends. Based on rational thought, how can this be conducive to a net positive impact on our health and well-being? Less sleep, less family time and the same amount of work and stress. 

Let’s propose a new ideology. Instead of taking more from your body and lifestyle, why not give them something?

Kevin Guild

Strength Coach

What can a training regimen take from us?

1. Time with family and friends
2. Sleep
3. Energy

5 Quick Tips

  1. Sleep enough
  2. Make time for friends and family
  3. Nail down your nutrition
  4. Manage your stress
  5. Find the best training program for you and your schedule.

So if we can nullify these 3 drawbacks to training, could we all agree that training is a good thing?

To Summarize

Before a training program can be successful long-term, we need to address the other aspects of our life. Throwing more gas on a fire that doesn’t have any wood burning will keep it burning but only for a short while. Build the foundation of recovery before you ask your body to recover more. 


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