What To Look For In A Training Partner

Today’s post is a recollection of 3 common traits that I’ve seen in my training partners throughout the years. Hopefully, you have someone who embodies these within your own training and life, if not… find them!

Mike Stuart

1. They care about my training – 

Back in college, I had a training partner who was on the baseball team with me. He was quite the player and ended up being drafted into professional baseball due to his talents and work ethic. Even with the added pressure of a potential career riding on his training, his first thoughts when we trained were always about me. He wholeheartedly cared about my training, as I did about his. This is the #1 rule for gym partners. Pick someone who cares about you.

2. They are strong at my weaknesses – 

My first lifting experience was as a 14 year old freshman in high school. I trained around a bunch of older athletes in the school weight room. They were strong at everything that I sucked at. Every day I would go in and get a fresh reminder of much I could potentially grow. Many of us are competitive animals. If we put ourselves in situations that could potentially make us look bad, we bring more effort. This is the ideology of choosing someone who is strong in areas of weakness. By being around those who could educate and inspire me to improve upon my weaknesses, I could start turning them into strengths.

3. They are consistent – 

I have a hard enough time being consistent with my own training. If I have a gym partner who struggles with it, that’s simply another obstacle for me. Find someone who is consistent, let that inspire you and do your best to return the favor. Having an accountability partner can go a long way towards your success. Sam Orfanidis at Concept Move is one of the most consistent men that I’ve ever met (shameless plug). When I wake up to a text in the morning saying “when are you training today?” it forces me to pick a time and plan it into my day. Surround yourself with Sam Orfanidis’s (Orfanidi?).

There are so many traits that can be beneficial in a training partner. These were the most important that came to mind. If you don’t have someone caring for you, challenging your weaknesses and holding you accountable, find them. When you do, make sure that you provide them with the same support. Happy


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