Cleanse Vs. Detox

I think it’s fair to say the holidays take a toll on all of us in one way or another. This is pretty standard because most people are going through that post christmas / new year sugar crash and are trying to sleep off there hangovers.

When thinking about this I have no doubts that many are thinking: “I need to eat 10 salads, start a detox, start a cleanse, etc…”

Some people will try a quick fix skinny tea or even just eat cabbage for a week to try to fix there one or two days of overeating! However, not only is this really not going to be effective but certain detox methods are not safe or are seriously just a marketing ploy.

Now that we have that piece set Your probably what is the difference between a detox and a cleanse ans is there a way to do it safely, effectively and with real food!

Well people – the answer is yes and I am going to outline it in this article for you with real evidence based nutrition.

What's The Difference?

A Cleanse Is...

At the root of the word cleanse is “clean” so the easiest way to think about a cleanse is to think of it as a cleaning up of your body. It is normally focuses on cleaning up your digestive tract. It also often utilizes supplements or pills to eliminate substances directly. The easiest example of this would be someone preparing for a colonoscopy.

A Detox Is...

Instead of cleaning or eliminating things from the digestive tract a detox focuses instead on supporting your detox centers. These are primarily your liver and kidneys as they eliminate toxins. So a good detox program works to help support these systems in eliminating toxins from the body by providing it with appropriate nutrients and/or supplements.

Let's Talk Toxins

Just to clarify a toxin can include heavy metals, mercury, but also everyday environmental products like plastic or pesticides on our food. Some people probably include sugar, gluten and dairy as toxins as well. However, unless you have some type of allergy you don’t have to give this up for the rest of your life.

Did you know that your body naturally eliminates toxins through the liver and kidneys? They really do an awesome job of removing these from our bodies but if they are continually being bombarded by the food we eat and the environment that we put ourselves in then at some point they are going to get overwhelmed and impaired.

Here's The Best Approach

If you type in cleanse or detox you are going to find an overwhelming amount of detox diets out there. However, do you really want to eat cabbage or just drink juice for 15 days straight. That’s not sustainable and it is not going to really support your body the way that you want. Will you feel less bloated – most likely! Are you going to be agitated, hangry and tired – ugh yeah!

In looking at research food itself is not going to be able to detox the body and they can be very restrictive. However, choosing healthy foods that support the liver and the kidneys will improve their function and your overall health. A cleanse on the other hand typically is short, focuses on cleaning up your digestive tract, and can help to form new habits.

Instead of calling it a detox or cleanse I urge all my clients to just work on forming these new healthy habits and creating lasting lifestyle changes. So instead of creating all of this buzz around a super restrictive plans we actually we actually create real change and you get to reap the health benefits!

Top 5 Tips in Clean Up Bad Habits

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