Why Strength Training Is Key For Young Athletes

For the most part, you usually see athletes training on their own at the gym or with their whole team in organized training sessions.  As this is obviously a good thing for athletes to be doing, there are some drawbacks to them training in such environments. This article will highlight three significant ways in which an athlete can benefit greatly by working with a skilled personal trainer.

Mike Stuart

1: Structure

The first thing that working with a personal trainer provides to an athlete is individual program structure.  No two athletes are the same and most group training programs are highly based on a general athlete rather than each individual.  It’s usually better to have an athlete performing some form of lifting and exercise compared to nothing. However if the athlete is weak in certain areas that the program does not address, then the athlete will most likely suffer or not be able to reach their true potential.  A personal trainer would analyze the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses in order to create a program that is specifically meant to address those needs. They can also do so while still focusing on helping improving the areas where the athlete already has some capability.

2: Injury Prevention

The second thing that a personal trainer can provide for an athlete is a corrective exercise routine.  Youth and high school athletes tend to still be developing their nervous system and control over their own bodies.  With this, you tend to see a lot of younger athletes with significant biomechanical errors that can predispose them to injury. Such injuries include genu valgum (knock knees), lumbar hyperlordosis (excessive curvature of the lower spine), weak periscapular muscles (commonly seen with forward shoulder posture),  and weak core strength (often presents with low back pain in young athletes). A personal trainer can easily recognize these issues and set up exercise programs in order to fix these problems; thus reduce the athlete’s risk of injury. Many personal trainers also add these exercises seamlessly into the athlete’s training programs while still focusing on sports performance.

3: Education

The third and final thing that I will discuss of what a personal trainer can provide an athlete is education.  I believe this to be the most important job of the personal trainer as the athlete will not always be able to train with the trainer.  It is key to set athletes up with the education to be successful on their own in the gym. An educated athlete will be able to achieve so much more out of their training.  They will be able to train more often with minimal increased risk of injury. An educated athlete can continue to train on their own while on vacation or can adjust their programming or technique when lifting with their team.  This will give them an edge on the competition as well as keep them safer.

Athletes have the opportunity to truly increase their sports performance while decreasing their risk of injury by working with a personal trainer.  If you know of a dedicated young athlete that is looking to take his/her performance to the next level, I highly recommend having them see a skilled personal trainer.  To know if a personal trainer is qualified enough to work with your athlete, check out our previous article of what to look for in a good personal trainer.


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