101 Uses For The Barbell

But, the barbell is only for meatheads. I don’t even know how to use one. Wait, is that the thing that slides up and down on the metal rods? Wait, I can do more than bench press with it?!?!

The barbell is a piece of gym equipment that everyone should know how to use.  It is not just for meatheads, and should ideally never be performed in the Smith Machine if you are trying to work on mobility and stability.  Also, yes, you can do MUCH more than bench press with it. Do not be afraid of it. If the barbell is treated properly, it will show you much love, respect, and maybe even some gains as well.  Mistreat it, and you will probably get hurt.

So, having said that, what can you do with a barbell:  Let’s go over a few things…

  1. Back Squat
  2. Front Squat
  3. Front Split Squat
  4. Back Split Squat
  5. Good Mornings
  6. RDL
  7. Single Leg RDL
  8. Conventional Deadlift
  9. Sumo Deadlift
  10. Single Leg Deadlift
  11. Suitcase Deadlift
  12. Deficit Deadlift
  13. Deficit Sumo Deadlift
  14. Standing Push Press
  15. Seated Overhead Press
  16. Split Jerk
  17. Power Jerk
  18. Clean
  19. Snatch
  20. Farmer Carries
  21. AB Rollouts
  22. Elevated Push Ups
  23. Landmine Rotations
  24. Landmine Double Arm Press
  25. Landmine Single Arm Press
  26. Landmine Single Leg RDL
  27. Landmine Lateral Lunge
  28. Landmine Crossover Lunge
  29. Landmine Rotational Single Arm Press
  30. Landmine Russian Twists
  31. Landmine Squat to Press
  32. Landmine Split Squat Single Arm Press
  33. Landmine Herculean Carry Walks
  34. Landmine Single Arm offset Clean
  35. Landmine Single Arm offset Snatch
  36. Landmine Shoulder Circles
  37. Ceiling Pushes
  38. Forcible Entries
  39. Shovel movement
  40. Pull Ups (if supported on other equipment)
  41. Single Arm Rows
  42. Bent Over Row
  43. Prone Over Chest Leg Raises
  44. Windshield Wipers (if supported on other equipment)
  45. Hang Tucks (if supported on other equipment)
  46. Walking Lunges
  47. Reverse Lunges
  48. Side Bends
  49. Incline Chest Press
  50. Decline Chest Press
  51. Power Step Ups
  52. Lateral Step Ups
  53. Seated Frontal Shoulder Raises
  54. Prone Bench Upper Body Rows
  55. Get Ups
  56. Single Arm Overhead Press
  57. Single Arm Snatch
  58. Back Supported Lateral Lunge
  59. Front Supported Lateral Lunge
  60. Floor Supported Bench Press
  61. Sots Press
  62. Myofascial Release
  63. Skull Crushers
  64. Pullovers
  65. Inverted Rows
  66. Close Grip Bench Press
  67. Overhead Walking Lunges
  68. Overhead Squat
  69. Overhead Snatch grip Press
  70. Overhead Farmer Walks
  71. Overhead Single Arm Farmer Walks
  72. Upright Row
  73. Hip Thrusts
  74. Single Leg Hip Thrusts
  75. B Stance Hip Thrusts
  76. Calf Raises
  77. Seated Calf Raises
  78. Squat Jumps
  79. Kneeling Squats
  80. Prone Overhead to Sit Up
  81. Forearm Rollers
  82. Kneeling to Partial Stand Movement
  83. Bicep Curls (I made it 72 exercises without putting this one in)
  84. Floor Push Ups
  85. Side Plank Shoulder Press
  86. Rear Foot Elevated Back Squat
  87. Rear Foot Elevated Front Squat
  88. Bench Pull Overs
  90. Power Clean
  91. Power Snatch
  92. Heaving Snatch Balance
  93. Halting Snatch Balance
  94. Single Arm Shrugs
  95. Hack Squats
  96. Single Arm Overhead Press
  97. Scarecrow Snatch
  98. A spice grinder
  99. Trunk Rotation
  100. Wrist Curls
  101. Prone Rear Deltoid Raise
  102. Supine Grip Bench Press (because 98 does not count as an exercise)

WOOH! Done! See?  You can use one piece of equipment a multitude of different ways.  Keep this in mind when you are looking to change up your routine.

Exercise should never be thought of as monotonous.  Yeah, exercise is hard and challenging, but it should be fun as well.  Doing the same thing over and over again without any change in routine will cause a lot of disdain towards a piece of equipment or movement.  You are exercising, and bettering your health, remember that, and try to enjoy the multitude of variations that exercise has to offer.

Other take home point, please seek out a professional to learn a majority of these movements, haha.  Next up, 101 uses for kettlebells…….AHHHHHHHH!


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