Does Size Matter?

Within all of us lies a ridiculous amount of potential.  A potential that can be tapped at any point, with the proper structure and training.  Our body is obscenely smart and can adapt and progress just by thought. But back to potential.  We have action potentials, nerve conduction rates, muscle fiber firing rates, and the size of the cell that is being fired.

What's the context of size?

Ask yourself, “in what context is he talking about size?”  In this case, it is not a penis, instead, the human body as a whole.  Does the size of the muscle matter. But in what context are we talking about the muscle?  In bodybuilding, size matters. But what about in athletic performance? In what other sport, would size matter in performance?  Football? Depends on your position, right? What about baseball? Maybe you bat 4th and you need a designated base runner.

I think we all know that size is not everything.  In everyday life, life in the gym, at home, in intramurals or beer league softball, size is not everything.  The size of the muscle also does not necessarily mean it is efficient. From a muscle tissue, and neural synapse standpoint, the muscle may be able to contract and extend, (FLEX) but, what else can it do.  More importantly, is it stable in multiple degrees of flexion? Where is the breaking (tearing) point? Also, can that muscle act quickly and generate speed? Are you thinking about a bicep in this analogy?

In Conclusion

To conclude, size does not necessarily mean functional or even efficient.  It is within everyone’s physiology that dictates how the nerve conduction works.  If you want big muscles for the sake of big muscles, go for it! I am not stopping you.  You might look pretty damn good in jeans or a tight polo. What I am saying is, can you move well, too?  There is a fine line between aesthetic athletic. This blog was much more of a ramble. However, the conclusion to the conclusion is make sure you know what you are training for.  Are you training for size, or sport? Maybe you are training to be healthier. Whatever it may be, just know that size doesn’t matter.


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