3 Keys To Foam Rolling

The following are 3 ways to make your foam rolling more effective.

Roll One Inch Per Second

Slow down! Foam rolling is far better served slowly. By moving slowly, you can let the area relax while also feeling out tender points that are specific to you. Foam rolling is an inhibitory technique. Moving too quickly can cause excess tension and a lack of release in the area.

Maintain Proper Body Positioning

Have you ever done a plank? It’s the day and age of building anterior core control. Neutral spine, ribs down and posterior pelvic tilt are all commonalities in exercise programs these days. Throw somebody on a foam roller and that all tends to go away. Avoid foam rolling in excessive lumbar extension and extreme rotations at the hip or shoulder.

Spend Enough Time

Foam rolling for 20-30 seconds on an area is better than nothing. If you are looking for additional results, try rolling for 1-2 minutes on each area. Naturally this takes a lot longer so break up your foam rolling into days just like your workouts. If you’re training legs, roll out your

Foam rolling is a great tool for a trainer or client. Proper use of it can lead to some pretty cool results in terms of movement quality, range of motion and recovery.


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