Why Are You Training?

Think about that.  Always think about your why.  Now think about the lion and think about the falcon.  WHAT THE HELL DO THESE TWO HAVE IN COMMON?

Lion Or Falcon?

They are both badass animals who completely rule there domain. Do you want to be a lion? Strong, powerful and damn force of nature? Do you want to be the falcon? Fast, coordinated and deathly accurate for high speed attacks (kills-prey)?

Strong & Fast or Powerful and Coordinated

So, we have two opposite trains of thought - Strong/Fast, powerful/coordinated, accurate/force. All different ideologies and ideas for training for your own benefit and goals. Look at your own programs. How are you training? You can train every body part and be healthy. That is fantastic. Now look into specifics. What type of training is it? Are you training to build muscle, increase speed, lose fat, or just move? All very good goals to have. But how specific is the program? If you are looking to absolutely dominate in your territory, look into excelling in one to two areas of performance. Train to be strong and forceful. Train to be fast and accurate. Implementing specifics in your training will only aid in your progress.

Focus Four Weeks At A Time

Be like the lion or the falcon. Try and focus your training for 4 weeks. Just 4 weeks. Look into training for power or training for speed. What do you have to lose? Mix it up and train for something more specific. Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and train to take down someone bigger than you, or to strike with precision.


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