3 Ways To Get Fit Without A Gym

Go To Bed Before 10PM Every Night

More research is finding that physical fitness is directly related to how we recover from exercise, not necessarily how much exercise we do. Going to bed before 10pm serves a few purposes. One, it keeps us off of late night television (very little research on this, but intuition tells me this is a good thing). Two, It allows us to get to Stage 3 and Stage 4 of our sleep cycle where our bodies regenerate. Lastly, It gives us a fighting chance to wake up with the rest of America and still get 7+ hours of sleep.

Learn A Wild Instrument

Breathing has become a major marker for cardiovascular disease and other chronic illnesses and injuries. Learning a wind instrument like saxophone, flute or clarinet can help your breathing pattern while also giving you something cool to show your friends. Personally, I play the saxophone. While my training program may provide me with a greater aerobic stimulus, the peace of mind that comes with playing music brings me a ton of value. Highly recommend.

Take A Week OFF From Caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant, making it drive the sympathetic nervous system within our body. While being in a sympathetic state helps us to get more done, it slows our ability to recover and adapt to what we do. Taking a week away from caffeine may help you to realize a more parasympathetic state, giving you the ability “detox” your body of stress, be it metabolic or psychological. This practice on its own could help you to improve your resting heart rate, blood pressure and other markers of fitness. The possibilities for positive adaptation are endless. Use these to catapult you towards a healthier lifestyle. It doesn’t always mean adding weight to the bar, shaving time off your mile or planking an extra thirty seconds.


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