5 Things To Try Before You Consider Surgery

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For the most part, pain, even if caused by something, can be reduced with the help of skilled practitioners. I would say at least half of the time torn muscles, tendons, and ligaments can be rehabilitated succefully with conservative treatments. Explore this option before you jump to surgery as being the only option.

Focus On Your Mobility

If you did an MRI on every aspect of your body you'd find damage in areas that aren't and have never caused you pain. When your body isn't moving properly due to movement restrictions you're putting unnecessary stress on muscles, tendons, and joints that aren't supposed to carry that much load. Sometimes a massage, a soft tissue mobilization treatment, and even simple stretches can relieve pain thus making an underlying "issue" asymptomatic.

Get Stronger

A lot of symptoms present themselves simply because we're weak. I see this most commonly with the patellar tendon (tendon connecting your kneecap to your shin bone). Simple quadriceps strengthening exercises make a significant difference in reducing pain in the front of the knee. Your osteoarthritis is causing pain, which is causing atrophy, which is creating weakness, which is creating more pain. Increase your strength and mobility and your chronic pain may miraculously go away.

Focus On Nutrition To Lose Weight

Being overweight can exponentially increase the amount of force being transferred through your joints. You can reduce the load significantly simply by focusing on your diet and losing weight. It's not easy to change dietary habits, but neither is rehabilitating post surgery when you're 25 lbs heavier than you should be. Many surgeons won't operate past a certain BMI / body fat percentage because a positive surgical outcome is so significantly decreased.

Understand Pro's & Con's

If you're someone who is experiencing joint pain it's important to understand that surgery is not a magical solution. There are underlying mechanisms that have lead to your initial injury and the chronic pain you're experiencing. Surgery cannot change this, in fact because of the immense stress your body experiences during an operation if you do not have a sound treatment plan in place you will likely be worse off having a procedure done. You should exaust your conservative options prior to accepting an invasive procedure as the solution.

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