Are You Recovering Properly?

Make Sure You Are "Training Ready"

Today’s post concerns the idea of training readiness. When we train, we demand recovery. Without proper recovery we can train ourselves into a deficit that is tough to get out of. The following outlines a simple and equipment-free method to determine how you’re recovering. Resting heart rate.

Check Your Resting Heart Rate

Resting heart rate is best measured first thing in the morning before you do anything, including standing up. Take 2 minutes and count your heartbeats. From there divide by 2 to get your beats per minute heart rate.

Listen To Your Body

My resting heart rate is generally around 62-64 beats per minute. After a heavy training day, a bad night’s sleep or a long day of work stress, I’ll find my RHR to be in the 68-70 range the following morning. This is the quickest way that I determine if I’ve truly recovered from the stressors of the previous day. If I haven’t, then I’ll adjust my training to coincide with that recovery need. After you get comfortable with this method, you can move on to using a more complex approach to heart rate training, which is heart rate recovery. I’ll get to that in a later post. For now, keep it simple!

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