Why Losing Weight Gets Harder With Age & How To Change It

1. Cause: Loss Of Muscle Mass

Believe it or not the metabolism does slow down. It's estimated that your metabolism slows down 5% every decade after the age of 40. Due to this you will not be able to maintain the same dietary behaviors without adding additional weight. Muscle requires more energy to be maintained. With sarcopenia setting in (loss of muscle mass) your daily energy requirements are reduced. Therefore if you're eating the same amount as you always have you're going to gain weight.

Solution: Diet & Exercise

A combination of resistance training (utilizing weights or bodyweight) in combination with a well balanced diet will help you retain muscle and balance out your metabolism. Strength training will break muscle tissue down. The diet and recovery process is what builds it back up. If you don't want age to be a factor then you need to lift weights and you need to eat accordingly.

2. Cause: Fat Levels Increase

As you get older not only will you lose muscle you'll also put on more fat, white fat in particular. The brown fat in the body that generates heat and burns more calories decreases as white fat increases as you age. This type of fat stores excess calories and is another primary factor in age related weight gain.

Solution: Diet & Exercise

Being consistent with a diet that involves the consumption of foods with fat burning properties (fish, eggs, apple cider vinegar, coffee, etc) in conjunction to high intensity interval training can produce exactly the result you're looking for. This will allow for retained brown fat stores and reduced white fat allowing you to minimize weight gain and even reverse it.

3. Cause: Increased Stress Levels

Career promotions leading to more high stress jobs, raising children, retirement planning and finances are all responsibilities that increase our stress levels as we age. As a result, our bodies release more cortisol. This leads to a series of micro fight or flight responses and causes unnecessary cortisol being stored as fat cell deposits within our bodies.

Solution: Diet, Exercise & Sleep

Nuts and seeds contain minerals and amino acids which help us to produce energy, synthesize protein more efficiently, and better regulate our nervous system. Exercise can increase the level of endorphins streaming through our bodies which helps to elevated our mood. Lastly, sleeping more than 7 hours per night will allow us to feel less agitated and stressed giving us the ability to handle higher stress situations without having mental breakdowns. Take care of your body and it will take care of you!

To Summarize

Follow The Steps

  • Exercise 3-4 days per week.
  • Consume foods with fat burning properties.
  • Lift weights!
  • Sleep 7+ hours a day.
  • Take care of your mental health to keep stress levels low.
  • Aging creates more challenges for us. Obviously... BUT it certainly shouldn't be an excuse to NOT do something. If anything you should be motivated to do more. We all work too hard in our youth to not be able to reap the rewards when we can finally relax! Keep your body in working order so you can get out and have fun!

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