How Exercise Increases Workplace Happiness

Corporate wellness programs are a hot button topic, typically debated as to whether they are beneficial both to the company and its employees. Whether it’s a small start up or an industry leading company, the debate is the same. Does implementing a wellness program for employees actually lead to positive outcomes? The goal of this post is to outline some quick points and provide some context as to why the answer to this question is YES

We Incur Lower Health Costs

    • Employees enrolled within a wellness program often cost the employer less in health care benefits.
      • Based on a Case Study companies saw a return of $2-$4 saved per dollar spent on the wellness program itself
    • Employees tend to have much lower medical bills after being enrolled in a wellness program.
      • Another Case Study found that health care expenses were less expensive per person across several areas
        • Total costs were $176 lower for the program participants
        • Hospitalization expenses were $182 lower

We Are More Productive

  • Employees who are physically active are more productive in the workplace
    • A Study found that employees enrolled in a wellness program regained 10.3 hours of productivity annually.
    • Workplace health programs can reduce average sick time, health plans, and workman’s compensation costs by more than 25% annually.
      • CDC → productivity losses related to personal and family health problems cost employers $1,685 per employe per year, or $225.8 billion annually.

We Are Happier & Healthier

    • Top 3 leading death causes in the USA
    • Accounting for over 50% of all deaths
      • Heart Disease
      • Cancer
      • Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease
    • For the most part these top three are all related to unhealthy lifestyle choices
    • By implementing healthy lifestyle habits, employees are given alternatives to poor life habits

We Show Signs Of Positive Behavioral Change

    • The biggest health risk to today’s society and workplace is a sedentary lifestyle
    • By providing resources to employees it allows them to increase their physical activity and promote a healthier lifestyle.
      • Which can lead to increased physical activity, healthier eating choices, and decreased rates of poor life choices (cigarettes, alcohol, etc…)


This was just a quick glimpse at some statistics and reasons why it's a GOOD idea to introduce a wellness program to the workplace. Often individuals just need resources available to take the next step in the right direction. As we learned above wellness program benefits the employees and the company itself in helping reduce health risks, health costs, and company costs. At the end of the day a company is only as good as its employees, so why not invest in what makes your company run the way it does!

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