Why You Should Have an Athletic Trainer AND A Personal Trainer

1. They Specialize In Different Things

Athletic trainers (ATs) are highly qualified, multi-skilled health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to provide preventative services, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions. A personal trainer is a fitness and physical performance professional who uses exercise prescription to improve the performance and livelihood of their clients. This is achieved through the combination of strength training and aerobic conditioning, alongside a variety of further methods. They will help clients with injury prevention and proper mechanics within their activities of choice. They motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability to clients. Personal trainers should also educate their clients in many other aspects of wellness besides exercise, including general health and nutrition.

Why This Is Important:

Our goal is to provide the best possible care to our clientele. We as people tend to get attached to our coach, personal trainer or AT. Even though AT's have the capacity to take people through an exercise regime, and personal trainers have the ability to help in late stages of rehabilitation and provide soft tissue mobilization with a few modalities it doesn't mean that they are the same. Therefore by performing your rehabilitation and manual therapy with an AT and focusing on more creative and effective exercise programming with your personal trainer is an excellent way to get the best of both worlds.

2. You're Hurt - Even if You Think You Aren't

No matter who you are we all have aches, pains, weakness', and things to improve on in regard to our posture and movement mechanics.

You should be working on those aches and pains with an AT who can make you feel better. Thus allowing you to perform more effectively and efficiently with your personal trainer or strength coach. As an Athletic Trainer speaking from experience I value the work of our personal trainers so heavily because once someone is moving well and without pain I'M NOT THE GUY TO GET YOU STRONGER AND REDUCE YOUR BODY FAT PERCENTAGE. I love rehabilitating people and seeing people recover and get strong and pain free is super gratifying. That being said once someone is all good I want to see them get to that next step! And that is best achieved with a specialized fitness professional! Though I can and have given people great results, if we're going on a grade scale, i'm probably like B- strength coach. Our personal trainers A+'s. Let them crush you so our AT's can fix you 😀

3. Teamwork Makes The DreamWork

It's better to have more eyes and support than it is to have a singular provider trying to be a jack of all trades. It's a great feeling to have multiple people looking out for your best interests. Getting hurt, rehabilitating an injury, recovering fully, and coming back stronger than ever is a reality when working with multiple providers. Healthcare, wellness, nutrition, etc. is better when done as a collaborative team.

I Challenge You To Test Out Multiple Providers and Coaches

There is also a major personality component to this, you may vibe with one person better than another. Or enjoy the programming from your personal trainer over your athletic trainer and vice versa. It's important to meet new people, step outside of your comfort zone, and ultimately trust that the ones who are looking out for you know EXACTLY what you've got going on, how to rehab, and how to train around and past an injury. We have such an amazing team of providers here all with different personalities, specialties, skills, and approaches to things! If you're here for rehab try a strength and conditioning session. If you're here for personal training and are dealing with aches and pains book a 30 minute treatment session and see how it improves your training sessions! Collaboration is everything.

To Summarize

Key Points

  • Athletic Trainers specialize in injury prevention and physical rehabilitation in this setting.
  • Personal Trainers specialize in exercise prescription, strength training, and general wellness support.
  • There is professional crossover and it's important to understand when and where that is applicable.
  • AT's and Personal Trainers are different. They work exceptionally well together.
  • You should try to work with an AT and a Personal Trainer to get a well rounded approach to your wellness!

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