How To Play With Your (Stability) Balls

1. Proper inflation - no saggy balls

Be sure your stability ball is properly inflated. Too little air, and the stability piece is removed, too much air, and the ball could pop.

You do not want to be sinking into the ball so it can't move.

2. Choose your movements

What muscles would you like to utilize? Be sure you trust your body to try new movements. The last injury you would want to explain to somebody is "I fell off my stability ball."

Core Saw

Excellent for core development and scapular mobility.

High Plank Holds

Isometric core and shoulder stability


Super time consuming BUT super effective for your core and shoulder mobility.

3. Non-traditional uses for your (stability) balls

Try these movements if you want to mix some things up.

Push Ups

Only try if you need a progression from regular push ups

RFE Split Squats

Knee stability is key here. Be sure you trust your balance.


A good way to mix up your core with a different variation on a crunch​


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