Sober October

How To Stay Sober For A Great Cause

Go Sober For October started in 2013 and ever since has sparked conversations about whether people would give up drinking for 31 days for a good cause. Every October Macmillan Cancer Support runs a campaign challenging people to put down the alcohol and save that money to be put towards a good cause. It isn’t as much of a hassle as you might think it is. Below are a few tips on how to build a habit around putting down the alcohol this month.

1. Find alcohol free alternatives

There's nothing worse than having the peer pressure of friends when you're not drinking. One of the best things you can do is have a drink in hand that looks like it could contain alcohol (seltzer & lime) allowing you to fend off unwanted questioning. The other thing this does is it makes you feel like you are actually socializing even though you're not experiencing the buzz.

2. Let Them Know You're Challenging Yourself

There seems to be a big difference in saying "Oh, no I don't drink" and "Yea, i'm challenging myself to not drink this month." For whatever reason people seem to back off and respect the challenge rather than the iconic "oh come on have just one!" This should be a pride thing for you as well! Show yourself that you have the discipline to get it done.

3. Keep It Out Of Your House

The last quick tip is to simple keep it out of your house. If it's not readily available the likelihood of you grabbing a beer out of the fridge, pouring a glass of wine, or ripping a shot is unlikely. Take away the temptation, clear out the liquor cabinet (have a family member hide stuff), and don't buy it this month!


Stay Focused

Go Sober for October is such a great cause and not beating yourself up over how hard giving up drinking can be is crucial. Whether you give up alcohol for charity for a month or you continue it for a lifetime it allows you to prove to yourself you don’t need it to have a great time.

You can take that money you would have spent on alcohol and donate it here!


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