About Us

Who We Are

Everything we do here at Concept Move started in our love for sports and the great outdoors. Competition and countless sport related injuries led to an obsession with achieving optimal performances regardless of personal circumstances. From getting the most out of every workout to chasing the next big goal, we’ve charged ahead to innovate and change the way our community achieves their goals from day one.

We build programs that really work.

The Concept Team’s work embodies our values and culture. We are innovators, leaders, friends, mentors, and coaches. We provide crucial feedback on all our services and products regardless of where we are. We’re exceptional at making the most out of everyday and we are dedicated to our clientele as well as ourselves.

Meet Lucas

Lucas Zelazny founded Concept Move out of his Vermont basement back in 2016 (formerly Vitality Athletic Medicine), and has dedicated his life to help both his clientele as well as his staff crush their goals ever since. Concept Move will play a pivotal role in creating a communal prioritization of health and wellness world-wide with groundbreaking accessibility, knowledge, and support for everyone involved in our movement.

Did we mention his biggest passion in life is snowboarding? Fitness has played a pivotal role in keeping him healthy to enjoy the actives he loves. Concept’s mission is to help you do the same!

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