We don’t list our pricing on our training page due to the fact that it can vary from anywhere from $100/month to $1000/month depending on the amount of days you’re planning on training, whether you’re doing 1-1 or groups, and how long your commitment period is.

Personal Training & Injury Rehabilitation prices vary from $50-$65/session

Group Training & Group Injury Rehabilitation prices vary from $25-$40/session

Yep! You can use code CONCEPT20 for any of our online training services for a 20% discount on services at this time!

We offer 15% off for service members and military.

We offer a 10% discount to students.

We offer a 10% family discount if you are training with a family member that you share a household with. 

We offer a 10% discount to any of our corporate wellness affiliated accounts. 

Well the easy answer is to purchase our basic training membership for $25/month and stick with it! 

The second best way to train with a coach FOR FREE is to crush referrals. For everyone you refer we’ll give you your choice of 1 free training session or 2 free group training sessions. The more people you send our way the more free training you’ll get!

The last way to train cheaply and effectively is to do a hybrid program. If you do even one day per week of in house training with us we’ll provide you an online training program to perform at home or at a membership gym. If you commit to it you can use the knowledge you take from us here at the gym and apply it safely on your own!

Since we do not have a full time receptionist the best way is to reach out to or shoot Lucas a text at 802-825-5663. 

If you have a specific coach you’re looking to get ahold of head over to our “meet the team” section and shoot them an email!

You may cancel your membership by selecting the “service cancellation” link in the footer! This will prompt you to fill out a form which will get delivered to our administrative team to cancel your services.


We do weekly community events as well as larger scale monthly events! You can check out our events line up in the “Events” section under the services tab.

The closest thing we have to classes is our small group training option where you can team up with up to 4 of your friends!

Lastly: ATHLETX! They are one of our partners located down on pine st. who have an array of wonderful classes which are held in most likely the most gorgeous facility in Burlington. 

If you’re someone who can commit to a schedule and is relatively self motivated it’s easily the best bang for your buck. Our online clientele love the autonomy it gives them and having a pocket personal trainer that you can reach out to with questions or when you need something changed is a feature people absolutely adore. Check out our FREE TRIAL to see if it’s something that works for you!


Shoot us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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