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Our highly qualified team of professionals will help to create, educate, and guide you through your personal fitness journey ensuring longevity and happiness in all other aspects of your personal and professional life

Sam Orfanidis, CSCS, CPT

Chief Of Operations
Director Of Strength & Conditioning

Within every person, there sits tremendous potential. The human body is capable of extraordinary things, and so many people are too afraid to try and tap that potential. Every session, every program, I design and implement to bring out the very best in everyone. My mission is very simple, to train to the best of my clients potential. Exercise is a way of life and passion. I only want to instill my passion in others.

Aimee Scott, CPT

Director Of Group Fitness
Personal Trainer

I take a scientific, evidence-based approach to designing all of my training programs. I have a strong background in corrective exercise and optimizing muscle imbalances so people can move without pain and enjoy their daily life. As a functional strength coach, I love making strong humans – mentally and physically. I’ve worked with pre and post surgical clients, weight loss clients, collegiate and professional athletes, triathlon runners, bodybuilders, and youth athletes. Let me be your support system and take the thinking out of getting in shape enabling you to look better, feel better, and take advantage of all life’s activities at your inspiration.

Taite Carpenter, L-ATC, USAW-L1

Chief Of Sales
Athletic Trainer

I’m here to aid you in your journey to achieve goals in sports or in your everyday life. I utilize my knowledge of biomechanics, human anatomy, nutrition, and psychology to help clients find a balance among all aspects of physical activity and achieve the goals that they have set in place. I am also here to aid those who have had significant injuries to get back to their former activities through my knowledge of physical rehab and pain relief modalities. I want to help you pursue your mission in the world of athletics and crush the competition while maintaining orthopedic health in your activity or sport.

Caitlin Cipriano, M.S., L-ATC

Director of Nutrition
Athletic Trainer

I got into the profession of athletic training and nutrition because I have a strong passion is for helping others become the best possible version of themselves. I have been through injuries ans health set backs myself and can pull both from my personal experiences as well as my extensive background in health science. I want to coach you through the process of creating goals, making lifestyle changes, finding the nutrition approach that best works for you, create an exercise program you love and can stick to; all while helping you look and feel the best! 

Emma Rebeor, L-ATC

Director of Athletic Medicine

I am so thrilled to be apart of the Concept Move team to spread my passion of keeping physically active individuals healthy through every step of their fitness journey and through every season of their lives. I believe in using my knowledge and experience to help people not only recover from injuries, but prevent them as well. After sustaining multiple orthopedic injuries in my youth, I know first-hand what both the lows of an acute injury and the highs of overcoming adversity and returning to an active lifestyle feel like. I believe in a proactive vs. reactive approach to health, using individualized treatment plans, and always striving to be at the forefront of athletic medicine by using the most current science and techniques. Most of all, I believe with everything in life you get out what you put in – so help me help you invest in your health and yourself.

Connor Riley, CMT

Director of Massage Therapy

I am a certified massage therapist with the singular goal of helping people. I specialize in deep tissue and sports massage. I have been massaging for over four years and have helped hundreds of clients. I am here to facilitate your goals, reduce your pain, and get you back to feeling well again. 

Josh Fitzgerald, CPT

Director of Corporate Wellness
Personal Trainer

Not only will I assist you in achieving the physical fitness goals you have set for yourself, but I will teach you through proper biomechanical patterns that will help you maintain a high quality of life and avoid physical injury. As your personal coach, I will support you, encourage you, and push you to reach your full potential. The strategies I implement in my training programs are designed to enhance your training experience so you learn to be self-sufficient in future physical activity and look forward to working hard to attain a healthy lifestyle.

Shaun Morris, CPT

Personal Trainer

When it comes to the human body, the old adage if it ain’t broke don’t fix it couldn’t be further from the truth. Today’s medical society seems to be based on symptom reduction and disease treatment rather than injury and disease prevention. We want quick fixes for big problems. We want a pill that will solve all of our aches, pain, and malaises. I’d rather prevent the issue from happening in the first place through nutritional guidance and exercise than deal with side effects and ridiculous health care costs that come along with acute treatment. Diet and exercise are your best weapons against losing your quality of life due to disease or injury, and my mission is to teach you how to utilize them.

Etta Sullivan, CPT

Personal Trainer

At Concept Move, my goal as a coach is to provide you with the best tools needed to guide you on a sustainable fitness journey. My degree provides me with the knowledge needed to support any goals you may have and keep you heading on the correct path

Vanessa Yolen, L-ATC, EMT

Athletic Trainer

The reason I got into this profession was because my mom suggested it and I fell in love with it! I have been a practicing athletic trainer for 4 years and have worked with over 150 clients! I love helping others achieve their goals while overcoming injuries to get back to doing activities they enjoy. “You can’t go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending” – C.S. Lewis 

Olivia Greenberg, CPT

Personal Trainer

I started in the fitness industry two years ago and I am a firm believer that life is beautiful if you make it so. I decided to make a career change and pursue what she was truly passionate about, wellness, strength and self discipline. I believe you can change anything at anytime and start your fitness journey with the proper mindset, systems and goals. Bojangles’ and soul food are my favorites but I rarely consume them. I typically can be found in my natural habitat at starbucks consuming copies amounts of coffee. “Change your mind, change the world!” I hope to see you in the gym soon!

Kathryn Jablonski, B.S. Nutrition, CPT

Personal Trainer

Autumn Willard

Massage Therapist

J.P. Benoit, CFSC

Personal Trainer

Arianna Manazir

Administrative Assistant

Hilary Rooney

Move 360 Instructor
TRX Circuit Training Instructor

Kevin Guild, CSCS

Strength Coach

Christina Fornaciari

Yoga Instructor

Shelby Bigelow

Zumba Instructor

Lauren Bowie

Bootcamp Instructor

Jamie Trayer


Creative Team


Lucas Zelazny

My mission is to lead, help, support, care for, teach, and improve our staff, our clients, our partners, and our community. We’re going to revolutionize how things are done in this industry no matter what. 

I come from an athletic background playing Lacrosse, Football, and Snowboarding. I’ve undergone countless injuries and multiple surgeries. If I can overcome these types of injuries and still be active in the sports I love so can you.

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