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Our practitioners combine the latest research in strength, conditioning, and sports medicine with fully customized training programs to safely maximize your health and performance.

Our goal is to bridge the gap from skilled physical therapy to full return to activity by providing you with medically oriented strength and conditioning geared towards safely strengthening your injured limb in conjunction with traditional training methods.

We design fully personalized programs and deliver them directly to your mobile device allowing you to receive all the benefits of a personal trainer without sacrificing time, autonomy, or results.

We combine the latest scientific research with several options for fully customized nutrition plans to safely maximize your health and performance. Our nutrition services include a wide variety of options that can be tailored to your individual needs.

By combining our remote training and nutritional programs we can improve company culture, lower health related costs, and improve bottom line standards and productivity in your workplace environment.

We believe that having FUN is just as important as anything in the wellness realm. The goal in all our events is to put in work to earn the fun activities ahead of time. Join us at our next venue!

our expertise

INdividualized coaching And Program Design

Here at Concept Move we believe that optimal performance is achieved through attention to individual needs. Each of our clients are brought through a progression based process, geared towards their desired results.

Highly educated staff

A true understanding of biomechanics, anatomy and physiology, physical rehabilitation, and nutrition are paramount in providing safe, educated, and productive services to our community.

Medically oriented focus

Our team of health science professionals posses the knowledge and skill set to guide you through your rehabilitative process while simultaneously allowing you to safely achieve the physique you desire.

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