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We’ve created a culture that ensures the athletes in our community are provided the knowledge, ability, and opportunity to focus on improving their athletic performance safely and effectively.

Strength Training With Us

Our coaches combine the latest research in strength, conditioning and sports medicine with fully customized training programs to safely maximize your health and performance. Our programs include a wide variety of benefits that extend much further than just your time in the gym.

We design all in one training solutions for the athletes of the The Strike Zone facility and beyond.

Goal Oriented

We focus on individual player goals based on age, position, and skill set.

Result Driven

Everything we do is based in science driven programming that delivers eff


Our online training platform allows us to deliver and track workouts, progress, and adjustments.

In House

We work with athletes at our facility or at the Strike Zone for individual and group sessions.


For our high school and collegiate athletes size does matter. We'll be focusing on hypertrophy training in the off season to improve muscle development that will directly translate over to the playing field.


Speed and agility are a priority in athletes. Your mechanics, sport specific movements, and speed will directly translate over from your work in the gym to your time spent on the field. .


Strength and size are very different things. We want our athletes to be strong in symmetrical and asymmetrical planes allowing them to stay healthy and increase their longevity in sports long term.


Most frequent questions and answers

We are able to service a multitude of different age groups. Youth (8-13), High School (14-18), and College (19-23). The training styles for the different age groups. For example, our youth athletes will be focused on bodyweight mechanics, conditioning, and most importantly ensuring their idea of strength and conditioning is seen as fun as well as necessary. We want the impression of our services to be a good one so that they may carry those good foundational habits to the next level.

For our high school and collegiate athletes our focus is more about strength and muscle development after we ensure they are utilizing proper mechanics. Performance enhancement is the goal with these age and positional groups.

At the Strike Zone we will be focused strictly on group strength and conditioning for athletes as well as online training. We will also offer 1-1’s on an appointment basis as long as it does not interfere with our group training sessions. We offer all of our other services including 1-1 training, small group training, injury rehabilitation, massage therapy, and online training for all athlete’s and parents at our facility in South Burlington. You can view all of our service descriptions in our services section located in the menu bar.

Our pricing is variable and is contingent upon the services you are looking to utilize. The most cost effective option is the $25/month online training option. We recommend the parents enroll as well so as to assure your athlete is held accountable to utilizing the service. It is also beneficial to you to see what they’re going through! 

Our small group enrollment options will be $30/session. 

If you are looking for 1-1 training our rates start at $70/hour and drop down in $5/hour increments depending on the amount of sessions you purchase.

1. It helps reduce the incidence or severity of injury.
2. Improvements in overall flexibility.
3. Healthy, efficient body composition (muscle to fat ratio).
4. Increased resting metabolism (resting calorie burn).
5. Improved power production (run faster, hit farther, throw farther, etc.)
6. Increased bone mineral density (reduced risk of skeletal injury).
7. Improved glucose metabolism (reduce risk of type II diabetes).
8. Doing it at a younger age will better prepare you for the expectations of athletes at the high school and collegiate level.
9. Improved skill specific performance. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to if you have any questions related to our activities down at the strike zone!

We Get Started October 1st

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